Electronic Surveillance and Maintenance

Our company, Skylark Toll Plaza Management Services, is geared to provide the whole gamut of services that are essential and are a pre-requisite for the successful functioning of a toll plaza. Amongst these, security holds pride of place, as without proper security, no toll plaza can function effectively.

Electronic Surveillance is the new mantra of advanced security systems. At Skylark, we have the requisite expertise to install the best of electronic surveillance equipment, which is reliable and configured to secure your interests in the best way possible. In the long run, such equipment is cost effective and much better than the traditional systems of security.

We provide the complete range of electronic surveillance systems that cater not only to extensive requirements, but also medium to low end needs and requirements. Our security systems have the capability to complement the existing security manpower and can also function independently. These systems are durable, and can perform in all kinds of conditions including inclement weather and odd hours.

The use of electronic surveillance equipment for toll plazas is a good idea as you can monitor a host of activities, in detail, without the addition of extra manpower. All you need to do is assign security personnel to monitor the surveillance equipment from the close confines of a room.

The best part about electronic surveillance is that they are made to last for the future. Moreover, their system capabilities can be expanded and upgraded without investing too much of money. When it comes to electronic surveillance systems, the installation of the appliance is of prime importance. Proper installation, guarantees the smooth functioning of the system.

Some of the electronic modernization surveillance equipments that are widely used are:

» CCTV Surveillance Systems
» Perimeter Protection Systems
» Access Control Systems
» Video Door Systems


Along with our electronic surveillance services we provide a high-tech system support that enables clients to maintain the surveillance system.

Electronic surveillance system maintenance is of primary concern, for people who use such systems. With this in mind, we offer a committed range of maintenance support services that are configured to solve any problem pertinent to system maintenance.

We have a 24 hour maintenance support helpline and are available to our clients, 24x7, 365 days a year.

Our dedicated team of technical support engineers are experts at maintenance work and are their knowledge is fully commensurate with the working of the surveillance systems, including their complicated programming. They are well versed with all equipment specific diagnostic tools, and can make any kind of necessary replacement on the spot, without wasting too much time in the process.

In terms of electronic surveillance system maintenance, we have a service level agreement with out clients. This agreement will detail the kind of services that will be offered, and the kind of response criteria that clients can expect from us. If a client wants us to, we can also send in the monthly progress reports of the electronic modernization surveillance apparatus that has been installed at the toll plazas.

Our company has always been the first choice for clients who want to set up electronic surveillance at toll plazas. One of the foremost reasons for this is superior quality products and a first-rate maintenance support.

So give us a try, and see the difference.